tell me:

have you heard the sound of falling snow?



tell me:

does it sting when your rub yoskipem on a mosquito bite?

you don’t know?


tell me:

have you seen my ancestors dance their way across the sky?

only in pictures?


tell me:

have you felt the ghosts of my past dance in your bedroom?

you don’t think so?


have you heard them whisper in mine?

you’re not sure?


tell me:

do you have enough space for my bones?

will you let me sew flowers onto your skin?



tell me:

what does it feel like to be infinite?

tell me:

will you follow me into the muskeg?

do you know what that is?


êkosi ani kiyâm 


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  2. Georgina Fiddler says:

    Love this page

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