ask me –

what is your origin story?


i think i was created

from my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s anger


let me tell you –

the stories of struggles lost in this bed

in the streets

beneath street lights in the middle of winter

when the sun only rises for three hours a day

let’s get familiar with asking the stars for guidance.


tell me –

do you know how hard we have to fight?

with teeth and bone and blood

with stories woven together

strong enough to hold water.


have you –

ever walked along a sidewalk in the dark

with house keys between your fingers

wondering if tonight’s the night.

did you know

that ihkapaskwa

grows in places

cleansed by fire


let me break it down for you –

we are born of love and anger

 bound together by tree roots

and we will


and regrow


and regrow

and swallow you whole.




One Comment Add yours

  1. rothpoetry says:

    A great poem of strength and dignity is the face of those who would see you otherwise!

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