hold the braid like this.

here use this to light it.

we’re not supposed to use a lighter?

shit.uh. just use it anyways.

is it going? ok.

so rub your hands together like this.

now push the smoke down your body.

are we doing this right?

how can we tell if we are doing it right?

clumsy, i fumble through a teaching

 i was never taught

fingers getting tangled in smoke

is this a cleansing?

maybe this is a forgetting ceremony–

early morning, still awake, last cigarette in the pack

this is my offering.

touch your spine. is it there?

touch your lungs. are they ok?

now pull out your ribcage.

cut your hair and weave a mat with the strands.

stretch your skin over your bones and enter your shelter.

light a fire.

never let it go out.

have you ever heard the stories of hunters crawling inside

a fresh moose kill to survive a winter’s night?

if you overstay your welcome you never leave.


One Comment Add yours

  1. matt says:

    when i see matt, i tell myself that you’re talking about me ❤

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