kisēpīsim – the great moon – january

i’ve had this dream more than once.

i’m standing where the rivers meet

 i’m surrounded by faces that have features like mine

they speak our language and point with their lips.

i can’t understand what they’re saying

mikisiwipīsim – the eagle moon – february

you told me.

i lied.

but so did you.

niskipīsim – the goose moon – march

i’m trying to find pieces of a home

i’ve never been to

in the fragmented stories i hear

in the in-between space of waking and sleeping

ayikīpīsim – the frog moon – april

there is a plant that grows by maskēkwāpoy

i forget its name.

but they look the same

the nameless plant is poisonous.

pick your leaves carefully.

sākipakāwipīsim – the egg laying moon – may

when my kokum smiles

the wrinkles that gather at the corner of her eye

are rivers

leading me home.

opāskāwewowipisim- the egg hatching moon – june

i’ve noticed the same fine lines

at the corner of my mother’s eyes

i hope the same lines

form for me.

opaskowipīsim – the moulting moon – july

my kokum told me a story of hungry spirits at manito sahkahigan.

she says she saw them sitting on a blanket in the bush.

they asked for food.

she went to get them something to eat and looked back

they were gone.

ohpahowipīsim – the flying up moon – august

loneliness and hunger feel the same

maybe we are looking for an offering.

onōcihtowipīsim – the mating moon – september

“please close the curtains at night”


“so the spirits can’t get in”

“what spirits?”

“trust me.”

pimihāwipīsim – the migrating moon – october

i’ve been spending a lot of time

trying to stretch hands

to fit mine.

ihkopiwipīsim – the frost moon – november

i shouldn’t have said that.

i take it back.

(i don’t)

pawacakinasīsipīsim – the frost exploding trees moon – december

when the trees get too cold they explode and shatter

sprinkling the snow with slivers of their insides.

i’ve missed the sound since moving here.

it’s a reminder of what can happen.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Léo Nolin says:

    Your a very talented young lady who brings me joy in your writings

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