i can narrow it down to the last minute we talked

i could probably tell you –

what constellation i was standing under

as you told me about

the last three years of your life

that i wasn’t invited into

but that’s ok.

i don’t fault you for it.

we worked hard

to stretch our skins thin enough

to build shelters for each other.

white people love to say

that there’s no way to say goodbye in my language.

but i think i am going to invent one

because saying goodbye feels a lot better

than continuously saying

i will see you soon

when we both know

that lies can be woven together

but still let the water slip through.

we sat on the beach and laughed

before we put

these mountains between us.

we were always good  at forcing smiles

into places meant for words.

you can’t build yourself a home

with someone else’s bones

you can’t force yourself into

someone’s story

without first asking

if you are a story

they want to tell.

i miss our

laughter echoing throughout

this coast neither of us belong to.


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  1. This is really beautiful. I hope you publish loads of poetry volumes!

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