1. 1095 days is a long time but so is 500 years
  2. I feel like i’ve been carrying this longing under my skin since a muskrat dived beneath the flood to grab dirt
  3. in our language we say “you are loved by me”
  4. i am still a visitor to the words that exist in my body and i wonder if this birth-language-as-my-second-language accent will ever go away
  5. the space between dreams and reality is a lonely buffer zone
  6. we weave our skins together tight enough so that the light can’t shine through.
  7. you don’t have to be bitten by a roogaroo to be become one, you just have to look in his eyes
  8. so don’t feel bad if i don’t hold your eye contact
  9. sometimes saying “no” is the most radical form of resistance but what happens when we say it too often?
  10. maybe this skin is too thick

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