take my hand and sit down I want to explore your skin cells maybe it will hurt i don’t know

let them impress you

i feel like i’ve been on the same racetrack for too long chasing after ideals that aren’t chasing after me

let them impress you

i’ve lost myself inside trying to be beautiful but i don’t even know what that means anymore — what is ugly

let them impress you

losing sleep because you think you’re fat lost sleep because you are lose sleep because you realize it’s ok

let them impress you

i’m sick of writing poems about my body how many more words do i have to paste together to get recognition

let them impress you

i keep stringing along this syntax hoping that I can write myself into existence

let them impress you

but I think I’ve been trying to trick myself by hoping that if I write myself inside beautiful words I can still hold onto beauty

let them impress you

beauty is not a paradigm i want to be in i’m sick of comparing my body to rolling hills and curvy rivers hoping that if i compare myself to the land i come from you will respect me more

let them impress you

but this would only work if you respected the land i come from

let them impress you

vulnerability is boring when it’s performative –

let them impress you

if i stretch a part your fingers as far as they will go you will understand what i mean

let them impress you

and only



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