with regards to “halfbreed”

First and foremost, I would like to make it crystal clear that halfbreed is a slur.  If you do not have history with this particular slur, then please, I urge you to never use it in conversation when referring to Metis or mixed folks.

The title of my blog is a play-on-words in reference to E. Pauline Johnson’s infamous piece entitled “A Red Girl’s Reasoning“, one of my favourite essays by Johnson.  For the most part, I struggle as Metis woman in finding myself and my people’s stories in a lot of work I come in contact with.  Though, many of our people’s stories and experiences transcend individual identities I have still struggled to find a voice I could grab onto and relate to fully.  It was not until Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed that I found a foundation to hold onto.  It is from here that I wove a complex relationship with halfbreed as a title.  It is something that I use in jest but still understand the full implications of it, after all, it was my great grandparent’s who took the ‘halfbreed scrip’ and solidified our presence in halfbreedom.  I apologize if the title offends you, but I make no apologies for my history and my relationship with my personal history.



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  1. Ted Hansen says:

    Looking forward to new post .it should be interesting.

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